Ebola Disinfection Services for Massachusetts

The Disinfecting Services from VioClean can help in time critical situations such as business or school closings due to unwanted virus or disease. Unlike maid services that perform sanitizing, our disinfecting methods are the most thorough available. VioClean destroys bacteria with EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants. Our Disinfecting Services are effective against toxic and pathogenic spores, a full spectrum of bacteria, such as Staphylococcus, E. coli and Salmonella, and many viruses, such as HIV, Enterovirus, Ebola Disinfection, MRSA and Hepatitis.

VioClean CTS Decon Services, uses the industry-leading disinfecting services methods to ensure deep, thorough and complete disinfecting services. Proper pre-cleaning is necessary for any disinfectant applied to work effectively.

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Cold & Flu Prevention Steps
Important steps to protecting you and your family from the spread of cold or flu germs.
1. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread this way.
2. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
3. Cough or sneeze into your sleeve if you don’t have a tissue.
4. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
5. Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Hand sanitizers are also effective.
6. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
7. Avoid contact with sick people.
8. If you get sick, stay home from work or school except to seek medical care and limit contact with others.

Educate others about good hygiene during cold and flu season!

Best Practices for Healthy Cleaning
• Areas where lots of people pass through should be cleaned more often and with a focus on touch points like door knobs, faucet handles, railings and desktops.
• Remove infection-causing germs from surfaces by cleaning first, then using a low-toxicity disinfectant or sanitizer. This is especially important on critical touch points like door knobs, faucet knobs, touch plates, railings, and desks.
• Always clean touch points with a fresh cleaning rag or paper towel that has not been used in bathrooms or garbage areas.
• Keeping a bottle of low-toxicity cleaner available for employees to clean the desks between each class can do wonders for the cleanliness of a school environment. This is great for office areas, too!
• New technologies keep surfaces safe without harsh chemicals that may contribute to both acute and systemic health consequences. When choosing an EPA-registered sanitizer or disinfectant, go with a low-toxicity option.
• When using a disinfectant or sanitizer, follow the chemical’s directions for dwell time after cleaning the surface.
• Choose readily available biodegradable cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants.

Cleaning for Human Enterovirus 68

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, especially if someone is sick. Surfaces in healthcare settings should be cleaned with a hospital-grade disinfectant with an EPA label claim for any of several non-enveloped viruses (e.g. norovirus, poliovirus, rhinovirus). (www.cdc.gov)
Use cleaning products that contain no asthmagens; controlling asthma and other chronic respiratory conditions is essential in controlling Enterovirus 68.

Ebola Outbreak Comes To North America

Ebola is a contagious deadly disease found primarily in Africa but is not expected to be a significant public threat in North America where hygiene standards & health care systems are more advanced. The Ebola virus is an Enveloped Virus which is transmitted through direct contact with infected blood or body fluids/substances.

The CDC specifically states that “although there are no products with specific label claims against the Ebola virus, enveloped viruses such as Ebola are susceptible to a broad range of hospital disinfectants used to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces. In contrast, non-enveloped viruses are more resistant to disinfectants. As a precaution, selection of a disinfectant product with a higher potency than what is normally required for an enveloped virus is being recommended at this time.

The EPA has not released any official guidance regarding Ebola claims for EPA Registered Disinfectant Manufacturers as of the date of this bulletin. Although we are assured that the EPA is working 24/7 reviewing their standards to come up with a surrogate claim for the marketplace during this time as they have done for H1N1 & SARS in the past

We provide disinfecting services for:

  • Homes and apartments
  • Hotels and motels
  • School classrooms
  • Busses, public use vehicles, trains, subways
  • Retail stores and shopping carts
  • Office buildings and Industrial areas
  • Bio-Hazardous areas
  • Police stations and cruisers
  • Jail and prison cells
  • Fitness centers and gyms
  • Children’s day care centers
  • MRSA elimination